Bettina Röttig honoured as specialist journalist of the year 2024

The trade journalists of the year 2024: Lars Wiederhold (left), Bettina Röttig and Martin Rücker. Photo: Monique Wüstenhage

The trade journalists of the year 2024: Lars Wiederhold (left), Bettina Röttig and Martin Rücker. Photo: Monique Wüstenhage

The German Trade Press Association named Bettina Röttig, editor of Lebensmittel Praxis, 'Trade Journalist of the Year 2024' (2nd place) on 16 May at the B2B Media Days in Berlin for her article 'Menopause in the workplace'. The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros.

The award-winning article was published in issue 7/2023 of the industry magazine. 'The menopause is a taboo subject - and yet it has become an unnoticed economic factor. If you ignore this in your company, you lose,' is how the experienced journalist opens her 11-page cover story. 'The article touched readers, sensitised bosses and brought the topic out of the world of silence and into the light of day. It led to controversial discussions, but now the topic is being talked about and affected women are finding advice and help,' says Bettina Röttig, describing the sometimes vehement reactions to her text. This shows that 'even specialist journalism can and should fulfil a social control function,' said Prof. Dr Lutz Frühbrodt from the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences at the award ceremony, thus giving an indication of why the jury awarded the prize to the article. In addition to the content, the jury also praised the layout of the article with its many information boxes. The independent expert jury, which was chaired by media expert Prof Dr Lutz Frühbrodt, consists of editors-in-chief and publishing directors from various industry titles.

'I am very touched to be recognised for my work by such a high-calibre jury of experts,' says a delighted Bettina Röttig. 'For me, the award is additional confirmation that it's worth fighting for important topics and every line.' 'This is specialised journalism par excellence and at the same time recognition for the entire team that worked on it, from the editorial team to the graphic designers and proofreaders. We are delighted that the article not only impressed the readers of Lebensmittel Praxis, but also the jury of the German trade press,' says a satisfied Dr Ludger Schulze Pals, Managing Director of Lebensmittel Praxis-Verlag. All employees of the Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster group of companies share Bettina Röttig's delight and congratulate her on her well-deserved award. If you would like to read the article, you can find it here or online as an abridged version or podcast.