Journalism prizes for Birgit Waterloh and Kirsten Gierse-Westermeier

Birgit Waterloh, editor at Wochenblatt für Landwirtschaft und Landleben, was awarded the “Grüne Reportage 2022” (Green Reportage 2022) by the Association of German Agricultural Journalists (VDAJ) in the category “best agricultural feature” for her story “Zwischen Leben und Tod” (Between life and death). In the article, which appeared in the 12/2021 issue of Wochenblatt, she works with her editorial colleagues Ute Heimann, Patrick Otte and Susanne Wilbuer on the explosive topic of chick-killing and evaluates the alternatives. The VDAJ's laudation says: “The article is convincing not only because of its technical depth, but also because of the successful presentation of an extremely complex area of agricultural animal husbandry.” The “Green Reportage” prize was awarded for the sixth time this year.

Kirsten Gierse-Westermeier, editor at top agrar, received the journalist prize “Fair Milk” from the Federation of German Dairy Farmers (BDM) for her article “Mother-bound rearing as a future model?” (top agrar issue 8/2020), in which she analyses and evaluates the alternatives to early separation of mother and calf after birth in dairy cows. In its appreciation of the prize, which was awarded for the eighth time, the BDM praised the different perspectives from which Kirsten Gierse-Westermeier looks at the topic. In addition to the rearing systems and consumer wishes, the author also addressed the lack of standard remuneration for this additional service by dairies, according to the justification for the award.

“We warmly congratulate Birgit Waterloh and Kirsten Gierse-Westermeier. The well-deserved awards confirm the high journalistic quality of the editorial teams at Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster. The core values of our editorial teams are the target group-oriented processing of complex topics, thorough research and independent reporting. Our readers as well as our advertisers appreciate this,” say Malte Schwerdtfeger and Dr. Ludger Schulze Pals, Managing Directors of Landwirtschaftsverlag.