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Passion for agriculture, food and rural life!

That's what Landwirtschaftsverlag and its subsidiaries and affiliates stand for. With more than 40 media offerings and services, over 900 employees and more than 115 million in sales, the publishing house is one of the 100 largest media companies in Germany. We support the professionals who produce, process and market food. We also inspire those who feel a special connection to life and people in the countryside.

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„Useful gift for young people“

220-year-old agricultural children's non-fiction book in the collection of the Westphalian Library of Agriculture

Creative ideas and civic engagement preserve the rural cultural landscape and ensure attractive rural areas

The preservation and maintenance of traditional pond farming in the district of Tirschenreuth (Bavaria), the planting and operation of a meadow orchard...

What are the causes of the farmers' protests?

Editors-in-chief of Wochenblatt and top agrar explain the background to the protests in the leading German media

Landwirtschafts­verlag Münster donates €5,000 to the Pelikanhaus at Clemenshospital and to the MitmachKinder of the Bürgerwaisenhaus foundation

This year, Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster is supporting the construction of the 'Pelikanhaus' at Clemenshospital and the 'MitmachKinder' project of the Bürgerwaisenhaus foundation with its traditional Christmas donation of €2,500 each.

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