150,000 € donated to the top agrar campaign 'Together for Ukraine'

The fundraising campaign 'Together for Ukraine' launched by the trade magazines top agrar Deutschland, top agrar Polska and top agrar Österreich has received around € 150,000 in the account of Caritas Münster. 'We would like to thank all donors for their great support,' Guido Höner and Matthias Schulze Steinmann, editors-in-chief of top agrar, were pleased to say at the end of the campaign for the generous help.

The money will reach the people affected by the war in Ukraine in full. With Caritas in Poland, the Lublin Chamber of Agriculture in eastern Poland near the Ukrainian border and the countrywomen and farmers there, many relief measures have been started. 'We have already been able to help several hundred people in a very concrete way. The focus of our aid measures is on children with handicaps, mothers with small children and elderly people,' explains Karol Bujoczek, editor-in-chief of top agrar Polska. Financial support is provided, for example, to a sanatorium for disabled children in Krasnobród, a home for mothers with minor children in Łabunie, a home for the elderly in Panieńszczyzna and a whole range of church institutions in the region that take in and care for people from Ukraine. 'Many were only able to take the bare essentials with them when they fled and need basic equipment for daily life,' Bujoczek describes the initial situation. For children with disabilities, young mothers and senior citizens who have lost their facilities, houses and flats due to the war, the situation is dramatic. 'They have to reorganise their lives - also in Poland,' the editor-in-chief makes clear the extent of the disaster.

Further measures and projects are being planned. 'If possible, we will also go directly to Ukraine in the future. Especially in the combat zones, the plight of citizens seeking protection is becoming greater,' Bujoczek describes the focus of the project work.