ESSEN & TRINKEN launches new magazine ESSEN & TRINKEN VEGGIE:

New booklet with vegetarian recipes, Rügenwalder Mühle is exclusive launch partner

The renowned food magazine ESSEN & TRINKEN is further expanding its brand. The new magazine ESSEN & TRINKEN VEGGIE will be published for the first time on May 17. In it, the editorial team presents simple but sophisticated vegetarian recipes, picking up on the growing interest in a meat-free diet. ESSEN & TRINKEN VEGGIE will be published twice this year. The second issue will be launched on September 6. The retail price is 5.50 euros.

For the growing number of people who want to eat a completely or partially meat-free diet, the lovingly designed ESSEN & TRINKEN VEGGIE magazine offers 52 seasonal recipes in the usual high ESSEN & TRINKEN quality in the first issue. There are also plenty of practical tips to make everyday cooking easier.

Arabelle Stieg, Editorial Director of ESSEN & TRINKEN, explains what readers can expect in ESSEN & TRINKEN VEGGIE: 'We are focusing on the major nutritional trend of our time and showing how varied, healthy and delicious vegetarian cuisine is. The magazine appeals to anyone who would like to eat less meat and provides wonderful recipes that are easy to cook but still sophisticated.'

Frank Gloystein, Publisher of ESSEN & TRINKEN, adds: 'With ESSEN & TRINKEN VEGGIE, we are addressing a slightly younger target group than with the traditional parent magazine. We are thus further expanding the ESSEN & TRINKEN brand portfolio and underlining our position as a leading brand in the food segment. We are particularly pleased that our marketer Ad Alliance was able to win Rügenwalder Mühle, the pioneer in vegetarian/vegan meat and sausage alternatives, as an exclusive advertising partner for the first three issues. In addition to its presence in the magazine with advertorials and eye-catching ad specials, for example, Rügenwalder Mühle is also supporting the launch with a digital and social campaign on ESSEN-UND-TRINKEN.de.'

Readers can expect the following topics in the first issue:

  • Anna & Lisa's favorite recipes: ESSEN & TRINKEN chef Lisa Niemann and editor and nutritionist Anna Floors, both vegetarians, cook their favorites: from roasted green asparagus to pulled mushroom burgers, from lasagna with veggie mince to bean and lentil kofta. Plus: kitchen hacks and meal prep ideas
  • Pasta: one-pot capellini or creamy feta pasta - pasta recipes with a new twist
  • Tomatoes: As a salad, quiche or stuffed - they taste best in summer!
  • Plus: asparagus, BBQ and summer rolls