German Cookbook Award for Richtig Wild (LV.Buch)

Richtig Wild

Richtig Wild

Richtig Wild - the new cookbook by author and food stylist Martin Kintrup - takes second place this week in the Game category of the German Cookbook Award by kaisergranat.com (www.kochbuchpreis.de)!

In the wild game cookbook, which was created in cooperation with the Wochenblatt für Landwirtschaft und Landleben and published by Landwirtschaftsverlag, Kintrup presents modern and beginner-friendly recipes. The author shows: In addition to classics such as roast or ragout, local game meat is also great in Mediterranean dishes, on the grill or in street food. From paella with rabbit to teriyaki bowl with pulled duck, there is something for everyone. The author even develops entire menu suggestions including desserts and tips for stress-free preparation. Useful theory pages on the subject of wild animals and their special features in processing also create an approach to this type of cooking.

Game meat has a good ecological balance, which, apart from the taste, is the reason why Kintrup wants to teach the conscious consumption of it. He cultivates a responsible and epicurean approach when it comes to meat. He has designed his book accordingly, inspiring downright moments of happiness on the tongue.

The author is available for interviews. We would also be happy to provide you with a review copy.<

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