Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster helps earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster is donating € 5,000 to Caritas International for the first aid of people in Syria and Turkey who have lost everything in the earthquake. “There is currently a lack of food, clothing, tents and heating material,” says Melih Agpa, licensing partner of Landwirtschaftsverlag and publisher of profi Turkey.

The affected core area stretches over 400 km from the south-east of Turkey to the north of Syria. Transferred to Germany, this would mean: in a corridor from Cologne to Magdeburg, large areas would be severely damaged or completely destroyed. “Against the background of the extent of the damage and the suffering of the people, our donation is only a drop in the ocean. Nevertheless, it is important for us to make it clear that we feel connected to those affected in the region,” emphasise Dr Ludger Schulze Pals and Malte Schwerdtfeger, Managing Directors of Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster.

Our partner, Caritas International is grateful for any further donations: IBAN: DE88 6602 0500 0202 0202 02; BIC: BFSWDE33KRL; Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Karlsruhe; www.caritas-international.de.