Marina Ortmeyer and Mareike Voß win FUTURUM “Young Professionals” Sales Award

This year, the FUTURUM Sales Award in the newly established category “Young Professionals” goes to Marina Ortmeyer, Team Leader Digital and Direct Marketing, and Mareike Voß, Deputy Team Leader Digital and Direct Marketing. With their application about the Salesforce project and the introduction of agile working methods in the Digital and Direct Marketing team at DMM, which they have been leading together since May 2022, Marina and Mareike convinced the jury.

“Marina Ortmeyer and Mareike Voß have done forward-looking work. Digital sales in total and especially social media and search engine marketing have gained massively in importance in recent years, also for the subscription business. Opening up these important distribution channels and also setting up new structures and ways of working in the publishing house is absolutely worthy of an award,” was the FUTURUM jury's reasoning.

“It is really nice that our way of doing things and taking on challenges is seen. And that we are also allowed to share our experiences with others,” Marina is happy about the award. And Mareike adds, “The award is a great appreciation for our commitment and dedication over the past years.”

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday evening, 31.08.2022, as part of the MVFP Distribution Summit in Hamburg at the Empire Riverside Hotel. The laudatory speech was held by Malte Schwerdtfeger and Frank Gloystein. Malte praised Marina and Mareike above all for their role model function: “They take others with them with their dynamic and agile approach. As first movers - which is especially important in digital marketing - Marina and Mareike are important role models for all our young professionals at the publishing house!” Frank emphasised that “all digital measures of our classic and new business fields print, subscription, e-commerce and events are bundled in their professional hands, so that this “package” can unfold its full impact.” Congratulations to Marina and Mareike on this award!

About the award

The MVFP Academy and the industry magazine DNV - DER NEUE VERTRIEB present the FUTURUM Distribution Award annually at the MVFP Distribution Summit to highlight the importance of young sales professionals in press distribution. In the category “Young Professionals”, young people are awarded who have initiated and accompanied an innovative project or concept.