Over € 140.000 donated to the top agrar campaign “Together for Ukraine”

The “Together for Ukraine” fundraising campaign launched by the trade magazines top agrar Deutschland, top agrar Polska and top agrar Österreich has already received more than € 140.000 in donations to the Caritas Münster account. “We are impressed by the continued willingness of companies from the agricultural and food industry and farmers to help,” Guido Höner and Matthias Schulze Steinmann, editors-in-chief of top agrar, are pleased with the ongoing willingness to donate.

The money will go in full to the people affected by the war in Ukraine. With Caritas in Poland, the Lublin Chamber of Agriculture in eastern Poland near the Ukrainian border and the countrywomen and farmers there, 11 concrete aid measures are already being implemented. “We are supporting, for example, a sanatorium for disabled children in Krasnobród, a home for mothers with minor children in Łabunie, a home for the elderly in Panieńszczyzna and a whole range of church institutions in the region that take in and care for people from Ukraine,” says Karol Bujoczek, editor-in-chief of top agrar Polska, explaining the activities. Further measures and projects, also directly in Ukraine, are in the pipeline. “Among other things, we will support the hospital in Skalatsk, Ternopil region in Ukraine with medicines and relief supplies,” says Bujoczek.

“The war continues. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight. Especially in the combat zones, the plight of citizens seeking protection is growing. We invite our readers, customers and partners to help. Every euro counts,” Dr. Ludger Schulze Pals and Malte Schwerdtfeger, Managing Director of Landwirtschaftsverlag, ask for further donations.

Caritasverband für die Diözese Münster e. V.
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Intended purpose: “Together for Ukraine”
Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, has contributed €50,000 to the campaign.