seedalive wins Innovation Award Modern Agriculture 2022

The Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft (FML) and top agrar are once again promoting the innovative power of German agriculture in 2022. This year's winner is seedalive. The young company was able to prevail over its 61 competitors and take home the award. Second and third place went to the start-ups E-VITA and LiveSen. The special prize for the most innovative company was awarded to Nelben Farm for its project: Ecological sugar beet cultivation with a field robot. The award ceremony took place yesterday in the Palais der Kulturbrauerei in Berlin under the motto „Night of Innovations“.

This year, start-ups, companies, research institutions, universities and associations could apply with their innovative projects. The winner, Seedalive, specialises in the germination of plant seeds. With seedalive's rapid germination test for plant seeds, it is possible to determine quickly, easily and reliably whether seeds are vital, senescent or already dead using an AI developed in-house. Even dormant seeds can be reliably assessed. The project was scrutinised by the seven-member jury consisting of Arndt, Schwaiger - Business Angel, Anna Catharina Voges - farmer, Jörg Reuter - Food Campus Berlin, Henrdik Haase - food blogger & journalist, Nikola Steinbock - board member of Rentenbank, as well as Lea Fließ - Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft and Matthias Schulze Steinmann - top agrar. All projects were evaluated by the jury in various categories, such as the use of new technology, scalability and degree of innovation.

“seedalive combines technology with a clear benefit for customers and a mature project level,” explains Matthias Schulze Steinmann, Editor-in-Chief of top agrar “For us - the jury - it was quickly clear, this is where we find our winner.” “Beyond that, however, it can also be said that in 2022 we were once again able to evaluate great innovative ideas and projects that show that agriculture is already one of the most innovative industries of all,” adds Lea Fließ, Managing Director of Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft.

In addition to the main category, a special award for innovative farms was created this year. Here, the Nelben farm of the Saudhof family was able to prevail over its competitors. The Saudhof family cultivates their organic sugar beet with a field robot that can be in continuous operation for up to 24 hours thanks to a lot of personal work and inventiveness. This is made possible by the installation of an additional power unit which, in addition to solar energy, also runs on fuel in a very resource-saving way.

The winners receive a mix of prize money of up to €7,000 and consulting services as well as industry contacts and media coverage on the channels of top agrar and the Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft. All further information on the Innovation Award Modern Agriculture can be found at: innovationspreis-landwirtschaft.de