Stiftung Landwirtschaftsverlag announces the Landbaukultur-Prize 2022

The Landwirtschaftsverlag Foundation is awarding the Landbaukultur-Prize for the fifth time. The prize is awarded for exemplary buildings in rural areas and outdoor facilities on farms. Prize-worthy objects are special architectural solutions that allow for contemporary use, are optimally integrated into the surrounding cultural landscape and take into account environmental and climate protection in building materials and construction.

“Agricultural buildings - former and new - are an important showcase for rural areas. In the course of structural change in agriculture, many buildings have lost their original purpose. But there are owners and architects who, with creativity and inspiration, develop wonderful concepts for new uses and for new agricultural buildings. This commitment is what the Landbaukultur Prize honours,” Hermann Bimberg, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Stiftung Landwirtschaftsverlag, explains the objective of the competition.

The Landbaukultur-Prize is endowed with a total of € 30,000 and is awarded in the categories of new buildings and conversions. Both newly constructed and converted buildings, parts of buildings and also outdoor facilities on farms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are eligible for the award.

The patron of the competition is Federal Minister of Building Klara Geywitz. “I support the Landbaukultur-Prize because it is the only architecture competition that deals with building in rural areas. Modern and formerly agriculturally used buildings shape our villages and the surrounding cultural landscape quite decisively,” the Minister emphasises. “This is often underestimated. That's why it's so important that the Landbaukultur-Prize raises awareness of this.”

The prerequisite for an application is that the owners are resident in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and that they have newly constructed or converted their agricultural buildings, parts of buildings or outdoor facilities together with an architect or landscape architect.

The jury is made up of renowned architects and experts from agriculture and rural areas. It is chaired by Susanne Wartzeck, President of the Association of German Architects (BDA).

Interested parties can apply until 31 October 2022 (date of receipt). Application documents and further information can be found at www.landbaukultur-preis.de.