The new Lebensmittel Praxis: more news, more opinion, more emotion

With issue 18, a lot is new at Lebensmittel Praxis (LP). After the relaunch, the magazine offers more news, more background information, more analyses, more opinions and more emotions. “Because the new layout is also more modern and fresh, it is now even more fun to read LP. Our brand essence of being very close to the needs of retailers, store managers and manufacturers remains, of course,” clarifies editor-in-chief Reiner Mihr.

How the editorial team implements the new concept is already evident in the choice of topics in the first issue after the facelift. The cover story is all about saving energy. Rewe saleswoman Sonja Lischka and Edeka salesman Jan Meifert show what is possible. LP talks to HDE President Josef Sanktjohanser about the future of food retailing and where politicians still need to take action. In view of the impending next Corona wave, the effects of a new mask requirement and other restrictions are discussed. When the heating is on economy mode, a hot tea is just right for many. Teapot boss Frank Schübel explains why tea consumption will continue to rise and what this means for manufacturers and retailers.

“In the proliferating news jungle, we filter out what is really important, classify it for the readers and thus provide orientation. In doing so, we are always very close to the people in the industry,” Reiner Mihr outlines the new role of LP, which is by far the market leader in paid circulation (IVW Q3/22). This is credible for the readers, saves time, enables a quick look at the current markets and creates an important basis for decision-making for one's own actions. “In this way, the magazine delivers what exhibitors and advertisers need, trust, reach and relevance,” Torsten Zelleröhr, Head of Media Sales at LP, and Wolfgang Seger, Property Manager at LP and responsible for the magazine's events such as the “Supermarket of the Year” or the “Meat and Cheese Star” are convinced.

The digital offers and the traditional events of the LP will be much more strongly linked to the magazine in the future. “There are QR codes with further information for important contributions. We are expanding the podcast offer, doing live interviews with interesting personalities from the industry, strengthening our presence in social media and providing more quick information in newsletters and via a purely digital LP.economy”, Reiner Mihr explains the strategy. In order to make the events and competitions even more present, pre- and post-event reporting in LP will be further intensified.

Curious? You can read the new LP here: Lebensmittel Praxis 2022 18 (yumpu.com).