Wochenblatt children's books now also in China

Chinese children can now see exactly how a combine harvester works, how a photovoltaic panel generates electricity or how GPS keeps the tractor on track. The three children's books were created in the Wochenblatt editorial office and were penned by editor Gisbert Strotdrees and drawn by graphic artist Gabi Cavelius (Münster). All three books are being published simultaneously in translation by „Daylight Publishing House“ in Beijing - a first for Wochen-blatt as well.

„Daylight Publishing House“ specialises in children's and youth literature. The publishing house got to know the three Wochenblatt titles at the Frankfurt Book Fair and acquired the translation and reprint rights:

-What's Buzzing on the Farm? Technology in agriculture explained easily for children.

-What's turning in the wind and water? Energy from nature.

-What's working on the farm and in the fields? Everything about tractors explained easily for children.

Limited editions of the children's books have already been published in France, England, Sweden, Poland and even in South Korea. The children's book on „Energy from Nature“ is also being published in Polish by the agricultural publishing house „Polskie Wydawnictwo Rolnicze„ (PWR) in Poznan.

The weekly is currently preparing an updated and revised new edition of the two children's books on agriculture („Was brummt da...„ and „Was ackert da...„) in one volume. The new editions are scheduled to be published in spring 2022.

Company information / brief profile:

LV.Buch is the book publisher of the Landwirtschafts¬verlag in Münster.

Country life in all its facets is our home and our identification. In our programme you will find not only cookery and baking books but also gardening guides and DIY titles. Down-to-earth recipes and a high practical value are our top priorities here.

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